08. promotion for an airport for D&AD workshop
2008. 09

Presentation for D & AD design workshop.

At: Aricot Vert (Ad agency, London)
Brief : In order to generate income for continuing development, London City Airport has to sell advertising space and they are very keen to encourage imaginative campaigns with unusual and intelligent use of space. You are asked to develop an advertising campaign or installation that Changes the perception of the airport, which ultimately changes negatives into positive.

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Back ground
     -The target is business travelers (75% of all travelers in LCA)
     -Executive /management class.
How to attract them? by Changing the perception
     -Busy ->don’t have enough time to read ad
     -> Instinctive ad is effective.
   -Clever -> I can’t beat them by brain
    -> Simple ad is suitable.


Concept is “Upside down.”
My suggestions are triggers for changing perception.


Main hall
    “Literally upside down.”-Hang mannequins on ceiling.
   Mannequins copy businessmen’s movement.
    -Start to think “upside down.”
   usual-unusual, positive-negative, sweet-bitter…
Mannequin image
    -Use white mannequins like the image at right bottom.
  -For safety, material can be foam polystyrene.


Baggage carousel
    -Put mannequins on belt.
    -Mannequins and suitcases go around on the belt.

- ask “What is the difference between baggage and human?”


    -In order to transform to opposite sex, put a sticker on some mirrors.     -Men's toilet :sexy red lip   Women’s toilet : masculine mustache.
  -When you mirror yourself, you will instantly transform to opposite sex.

-Experience “upside down” at your face.


Ad board
    -Free ad experience.
    -Passengers can put their ad (business card, flyers…)on the wall. (like a notice board in corner shops)
    -This experience leads real ad in London City Airport.
    If they are satisfied or excited in this ad, they can contact the ad stuff in London City Airport.

-Swap advertiser and viewer. Viewer can be the next advertiser.


  1. Non verbal: instinctive, no language barrier.
    In airport, there are many people from different countries.
  Not everyone speaks English.
  However, this promotional campaign is for all.
  2. Installation: controversial, Enhance publicity
    -If a business man saw this campaign, he’ll talk about it to his
   colleagues in the office.
  -This is not just a paper ad. Therefore newspapers, magazines
  and blogs can interview for this campaign.
My experience
I was a student for 2years in England. Before that I worked as a market researcher in Japan. Apart from working days, I miss working. It was stressful and hard, but at the same time it was exciting and dynamic. Business travelers may be tired and fed up with working. However if they change their perceptions for working because of this campaign, They can start to enjoy working again.
Positive chain reaction
If the boss is happy, colleagues will be happy.
If there are many happy employees, the company will be happier.
If there are many happy company, the society will be happier.
If there are many happy societies, the world will be happier.
I believe this campaign can be a beginning of positive chain reaction.