Designer, Writer and Buyer.
Born and live in Tokyo.

My Philosopy: Creative ideas make people happy.

What Inspires Me: Dinner with my favourite friends. Take a walk on a nice day.

Turn Offs:
Wet clothes. Poor food. Cold day.

What Makes Me Relax: Yoga

My Last Read:
Guide book for South Pacific. (Unfortunately, for research.... I wish I could go!)

My Favourite Sayings:
Find your way.

My Favourite City:
London, Tokyo, Hague, Bern

Bright Colour > Dull Colour  Spangles > Pearl  Summer > Winter

      Brown sugar > White Sugar Chocolate Cake > Cheese Cake
      White tea (With 2spoons of Sugar) > Straight Tea Latte > Cappucino
      Bacon > Sausage Elephant > Giraffe Sea > Mountain
      AvenueQ > Greese